PonyWeb is our web-enabled pedigree database search engine. Originally developed for horses, it can be used by any animal registry. It is a sophisticated CGI program that runs on your registry's UNIX-based web server (or ours) to let web users search for animals by any combination of name, breeder, owner, color, gender, registration number, sire, dam, state/province, or tattoo/microchip ID.

Animals are displayed with full information, a five generation pedigree, and up to three photos that can be uploaded directly by the animal's owner. A hypothetical mating facility lets users generate "what-if" pedigrees.

PonyWeb imports data from the popular PC-based Heavy Horses registry program, or Centric Software's breed registry system, and can be customized to work with other PC-based registry systems.

Visit the Norwegian Fjord Horse Registry or American Dexter Cattle Assoication web sites to see examples of PonyWeb in action.

To get started putting your registry's pedigree database on-line, please contact us by e-mail at lori@capable.ca, or by telephone at .

If you are a vendor of a PC-based pedigree database system and would like more information on integrating it with PonyWeb, we'd be happy to work with you to give your clients the best possible solution.